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WooCommerce Delivery Slots v1.7.2

WooCommerce Delivery Slots v1.7.2 Features WooCommerce Delivery Slots gives you a great selection of features, which are often updated and added to. These include: “Upcoming Deliveries” tab for admin users. “Currently Reserved” tab for admin users. Datepicker and time slot selection field at checkout. Enable delivery slots for specific shipping methods.

WooCommerce Gift Manager v2.1

WooCommerce Gift Manager v2.1 - If this plugin is useful, could you please help us to rate it? it will be a big encouragement to improve for us. WooCommerce Gift Manager “WooCommerce Gift Manager” is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin to manage the Gifts of your store to promote your online eCommerce shop.

Export to PDF for NEX-Forms

Export to PDF for NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Export to PDF add-on for NEX-Forms will enable you to export form entries to PDF with a click of a button! More from our valued customers This is with out a doubt the best form builder I have ever used.

Form Themes for NEX-Forms

Form Themes for NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder This useful add-on will allow you to select between 25 preset themes (color schemes) to instantly change the overall look of your form. This will make it very easy to quickly and effectively fit a form´s design to your theme´s overall.

PayPal for NEX-Forms

Add-on for NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder version 4.3 or higher Now you can build forms and easily receive payments via PayPal. Includes: Multiple items (unlimited) Field Mapping for item quantity Field Mapping for item amounts Overall PayPal setup Currency selection Language selection Sandbox and Live environment selection.