WordPress Form Builder v3.2.0 - Survey & Quiz - FSQM Pro

WordPress Form Builder v3.2.0, is a plugin which can help you collect Feedbacks, Surveys or host Quizes in your WordPress Blog. Using it, you can create unlimited forms with custom themes and collect user submissions. All user submissions are stored inside the database which you can analyze, edit and/or print. The user can also track/see their submission (obviously if you wish to) through a page. Registered users will have an option to track all their submission through a central page.

Layered Popups v5.72 - for WordPress

Layered Popups v5.72 - Internet is full of boring popups. So, it’s a time to break this trend. That’s why we created “Layered Popups” (WordPress popups plugin). With this plugin you can realize your imagination and make unique multi-layers WordPress popup windows. You can create multiple layers with whatever-you-want content and add custom transitions/animations.

Team Showcase v1.6.7 - Wordpress Plugin

Team Showcase v1.6.7 - With this plugin you can display a set of pictures and information in different layouts. The main purpose of the plugin is to display team/staff members, but it can be used for other purposes. Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v4.5.1 and Visual Composer! It’s perfect to display the…

Interactive World Maps v1.78

Interactive World Maps v1.78 - This is a Wordpress plugin to create as many maps as you want, with interactive and colored markers, continents, countries or regions. (Check out the standalone non-wordpress version here) Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v4.5.1 and Visual Composer!