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WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS v1.51

WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS v1.51 - WordPress ZoomTabs Intro – top WordPress ZoomTabs and Accordions is the perfect tool for creating Tabs or Accordions. The tabs automatically minimize to accordions when the responsive switch is achieved in order to be displayed fine on mobile devices.

Fresh File Editor - WordPress Plugin

Fresh File Editor - Easily Add, Rename, Delete and Edit your server files via WordPress admin without any FTP and Text Editor apps Ace Editor + Emmet Professional Ace text editor with Emmet toolkit which lets you write your HTML or CSS code faster by expanding abbreviated HTML tags and CSS properties.

Incentive v1.2.5 - Responsive All-Purpose Theme

Incentive v1.2.5 is a fully responsive WordPress theme designed for any use. The easy to setup features and universal design make creating your site fun and exciting. This all-purpose theme can be applied to any type of site including business websites, artist portfolios, blogs and so much more. Incentive applies a crisp and clean design as the foundation of a powerful and highly adaptable theme. Built with the Runway Framework, Incentive is an extremely flexible and versatile design.