Addon Creator for Visual Composer v1.1.0


Addon Creator for Visual Composer v1.1.0
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Addon Creator for Visual Composer

The Addon Creator is a revolutionary tool for Visual Composer that everyone has been waiting for. This unique tool allows you to create any custom addon in minutes or use any of our +100 predefined addons we specially made for you.

End to the days of searching for Addons in Addon packages or WordPress plugins! From now on you can create any Addon you want in minutes. You can create an addon from scratch or use any jQuery Plugin from the web to get you started.

What can you do with Addon Creator?

  • Create Custom Addons in Minutes
  • Use our Addon Library with more than 100 addons
  • Share addons with your clients
  • Prepare complicated Addons with items like Galleries and Sliders
  • Use the skills that you have: HTML, CSS and JS (no php coding required)
  • Watch and learn from our great tutorials how to use the tool.

A Library of More than +100 Addons

It was important for us that you can start working quickly before you make your first Addon. That’s why we included a pack of more than 100 Addons to get you started.

  • Organized by Categories
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Setup & install in seconds
  • Full Control and ability to customize
  • Fully Responsive – We made sure that our Addons looks great on every device, be it desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Plugin Features:

  • Perfect integration with Visual Composer: The addons you create immediately appear in the Visual Composer addons window with the options and items you created.
  • Intuitive Design: even without any prior explanations you can start creating addons right away. All the panels have drag & drop, sorting etc…
  • HTML, CSS, Javascripts Editor: we use CodeMirror editor for script editing
  • Attributes Creator: Easy to create any attribute for your addon. Those attributes can be inserted as placeholders in the HTML,CSS,JS editor.
  • Items Manager: If the addon requires items, you can add them to the Addon and use them in Visual Composer window.
  • Assets Manager: Easy to manage addon assets (CSS files, JS files, Images, Folders) with a built in secured file manager.
  • Intuitive Media Manager:The Addon Creator has a built in media manager which allows you to order items using drag & drop, image based fields, Bulk Upload images for Galleries etc.
  • Great Help: We have included all the documentation and video tutorials you need to make amazing Addons.
  • Great Support: Our support team is on hand 24/7 to assist you

Addon Types:

  • Visual Composer Reviews
  • Visual Composer Testimonials
  • Visual Composer Products
  • Visual Composer Hover Effects
  • Visual Composer Team Members
  • Visual Composer Accordion
  • Visual Composer Tabs
  • Visual Composer Slider
  • Visual Composer Gallery
  • Visual Composer Carousel
  • Visual Composer Buttons
  • Visual Composer Price Table
  • Visual Composer Banner
  • Visual Composer Bullets
  • Visual Composer Counter
  • Visual Composer Countdown

Change Log:

        version 1.0.8

        -bug fix: fixed visual settings fields in firefox mostly

        version 1.0.7

        -feature: added auto install addons from current theme on activate
        -feature: added |raw filter placeholder for raw html textarea output
        -feature: made tabs (main, item) in left param panels 

        -bug fix: fixed paths and urls in case that the content path is not default
        -bug fix: fixed some visual bugs in chrome browser
        -bug fix: fixed some issue with putitems() function
        -bug fix: made it work for every post types
        -bug fix: made validation for small letters in attribute name


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