Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.9.4 - Live Search Plugin

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Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.9.4 – Live Search Plugin
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Ajax search pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine.

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress – A WordPress live search plugin

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered. The search can override the default wordpress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended – replace your default theme search with only a click of a button. The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories), users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.

More than 60 colorful, fully customizable themes will save you time with the CSS hussle, so you can focus more on the presentation.

The backend offers hundreds of options for those, who like to customize the search to the maximum. Many features were implemented based on customer feedbacks, and even more coming soon.

As of version 4.0, the plugin officially supports Visual Composer as well – so in addition an Ajax Search Pro Visual Composer addon is included within the plugin.

The plugin is updated regulary based on customer feedbacks and bug reports. Every support ticket is answered within 48 hours, usually in 12 hours (except for weekends).


  • Will the plugin work with the * theme?
    Yes it will. The plugin is theme independent.
  • Will it work on a multisite blog?
    Yes it will.
  • Can it replace my default theme search bar automatically?
    Yes it can! You can select which search instance you want to display instead of the default theme search bar.
  • Can I search custom post types, like WooCommerce/Jigoshop products?
    Yes you can!
  • Can I search buddypress groups/activity-feed/users?
    Yes you can!
  • Can the plugin return categories or custom taxonomy terms as results?
    Yes it can!
  • Will it work with bigger databases, like 25000+ records?
    Yes it will. The search speed only depends on your server speed.
  • Does it support sites with RTL?
    Yes it does!
  • Will it display images, that are not hosted on my server?
    Yes it will. In case of issues, read this knowledge base article.
  • Is support provided, if so where can I get supported?
    Yes, this item is supported! Please read the documentation and the knowledge base first. Many questions are answered there.
  • Can I search files or file contents on my server?
    Unfortunately you can’t.

Newest features in version 4.9.0 (2016.06.13)

  • New category and taxonomy term filter options
  • New grouping options
  • Search box alignment option
  • User related exclusions
  • Date custom field filter now supports timestapm and MySQL datetime formats
  • ASP_Query wrapper class to use as search API

Newest features in version 4.8.0 (2016.02.22)

  • Post date and custom field (ACF) date filtering is now possible
  • Excluding or including posts by date was added
  • It is possible to set column count and width for front-end settings boxes
  • The loader can be chosen to be displayed in the results box as well
  • Auto-poulating search results on page loading is now possible
  • Hiding the search bar and displaying filters only is now possible (filter only mode)
  • An ajax page change detection script was implemented
  • Triggering empty search bar is supported (setting 0 character triggering)

Check the full changelog here.

Newest features in version 4.7.0 (2016.01.16)

  • Filtering by post tags is possible
  • It is possible to replace the default theme search now
  • Override now returns any type of result
  • BuddyPress XProfile fields search
  • Keyword exceptions menu on Advanced Options
  • Isotope layout gutter between items is adjustable now
  • Backend Options search added
  • Image Display mode is now changeable
  • Custom field filters with empty values are discarded now correctly

Newest features in version 4.6.0 (2015.11.27)

  • Primary, Secondary sorting option added
  • Conditional CSS loader script added (experimental)
  • More animation options on Advanced Options panel
  • An adjustable background overlay for Compact mode (fixed layout)

Newest features in version 4.5.x (2015.10.27)

  • A new feature and engine: Index table search engine
  • User search is now possible!
  • Attachment search is now possible!
  • Search text button was added
  • New keyword suggestions and autocomplete sources: taxonomy terms and Custom Post Types
  • WooCommerce term image integration
  • Hidden input field type for custom field selectors
  • Exclusion of parent-child pages is now possible
  • Added a Help and Updates menu for more information
  • Dynamic strings are now translatable with WPML string translations
  • Update Notifications on the plugins menu (in beta)
  • Rerirection to the first matching result
  • Displaying result content in context around the keyword

New features in version 4.0 (2015.03.18)

  • Visual composer addon included
  • New menu: Export/Import settings – you can export all your search instances, or individual instance settings
  • New menu: Performance Tracking – track the search performance on your dashboard
  • New Shortcode: Two column shortcode – A search and a result box next to each other
  • Compact Layout Mode – on fixed, absolute and static page positions
  • Full RTL support
  • More options with Keyword suggestions and Autocomplete (post titles, tags)
  • Result templating is now possible – each result type has it’s own template file
  • It is now possible to rename/duplicate search instances
  • Better control over Javascript and CSS compatibility and size
  • Excluding categories and terms from category results is now possible
  • Vertical results now support automatic height and the result image is surrounded with the description
  • Search can be triggered on a Facet change (checkbox, slider, radio button…)
  • Individual result groups (terms, posts, buddypress results, etc..) can be ordered now.
  • Results now can be redirected to a new browser tab
  • Query Compatibility Options – You can fine tune the search query to force application level Unicode and UTF8 searches

New features in version 3.5 (2014.11.27)

  • Creating various fields (radio buttons, range sliders, dropdowns) connected with custom fields (post meta) is now possible for the frontend settings…
  • …and now it is possible to change the frontend settings layout from hover position to block position…
  • …or place it to a custom place with a shortcode
  • Priorities settings had been added to the backend for controlling result priorities
  • The search is now compatible with the Advanced Ajax Page Loader plugin

New features from version 3.2! (2014.10.07)

  • It is possible to change the search logic now: OR, OR with exact words, AND, AND with exact words
  • Categories and taxonomies can be returned as results
  • In Old internet explorer versions the search falls back to the default wordpress search box

New features from version 3.1! (2014.09.19)

  • The plugin can now override (replace) the default WordPress search results on the results page!
  • BuddyPress support: Search in groups, users and activities
  • The ‘More results..’ and the default results URL is now customizable

New features from version 3.0! (2014.08.04)

  • New latout type: Isotopic
  • 2 New theme groups: Underline and Simple
  • New retina ready SVG icons
  • Smaller CSS files
  • Better javascript compatibility
  • WPML support
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Brand new backend
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
  • Better preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
  • Better image options and image handling


  • 300+ possible options on admin panel
  • 60+ pre-defined fully customisable themes
  • Vertical / Horizontal / Polaroid and Isotopic styled results list
  • Multiple search plugins on one page – You can configure all of them separately!
  • Google Keyword Suggestions on no results, witch a language selector
  • Responsive width
  • Search caching & image precaching for better performace
  • Search in public custom fields is now possible!
  • 2 New widgets: Latest searched keywords and Top searched keywords! – You can setup a sidebar widget of the latest/top used keywords and even trigger a search by clicking on them!
  • Results filtering by: categories, terms, tags, custom fields, date
  • Search relevance options with adjustable weight values
  • Retina ready SVG icons
  • WPML support
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
  • Better preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
  • Better image options and image handling
  • Hooks – Filters & Actions for developers
  • For the full list see the changelog down below!
  • Search statistics page
  • Default search text
  • Intelligent image parsing (possible from post featured image, post content, post excerpt, possible to set priorities as well)
  • Custom Post Types support – You can select which post types do you want to search! Tested with BBPress!
  • qTranslate compatible
  • Font, color, border, box shadow options
  • Keyword Highlighting in search results
  • Works in templates and in post and pages as well
  • Search widget also included
  • Preview window on the admin page
  • Mobile support
  • Frontend Search options popup
  • Possible to search in Posts, Pages and Products (WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WP-ecommerce etc..)
  • Image caching for bandwidth saving
  • Very easy installation and set up
  • Powerful api for controlling the search from other frontend applications
  • jQuery powered, for the best possible compatibility
  • Show more results link below the search box
  • WordPress 3.5+ compatibility!
  • Multisite support!
  • Search autocomplete with search statistics or google keywords!
  • Error checking module
  • Shortcodes can be executed in search results
  • Search result content HTML tag stripping is possible
  • Category selectors on the frontend – It’s possible to filter the posts by categories
  • You can select custom fields as post title and description
  • Post grouping by category or post type!
  • Search in comments
  • It’s possible to exclude categories or posts from the search!
  • Stable, custom built jQuery for maximum compatibility
  • Shortcodes strippable/executable in results
  • Supports pages with categories/taxonomies
  • Index table search capabilities:
    • Indexing titles, content, exceprt, authors, custom fields, categoires, tags etc…
    • Indexing shortcodes content
  • Compatible Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin’s:
    • Text field
    • Textarea field
    • Number field
    • Email field
    • WYSIWYG editor field

Index table and Regular search engine

As of version 4.5 the plugin provides index-table search capabilities including:

  • High performance keywords index table – lightning fast with 100 000+ posts
  • Indexing titles, content, excerpt, custom fields, author, categories, tags, taxonomy terms etc..
  • Indexing shortcode content
  • Lots of configuration options, to customize indexing for to your needs
  • Automatic and WP_Cron based indexing included.

By default the plugin uses the Regular search engine, but you can change it anytime on the search General Options page.

Check the index table engine section of the documentation for more information about the index table engine.

Are you a developer?

You don’t need to worry about touching the code and loosing all the changes with upgrades. The search is packed with hooks for the most convenient access. (the lists are located at the action.txt and filters.txt files as well as in the documentation) No frustration = faster coding.

Check out our other products as well!

Version History

v4.9.4 - 2016.08.04
- WooCommerce search form override
- Search all custom fields option
- Redundant (window.load) initialization added for maximum compatibility
- Back-end text inputs now handle special characters
- Index table "New index" button fix on repetitive press
- Minor code logic fixes
- Frontend CSS rule fixes
- Image minification function fix to return originals on failure
- Search form override priority fixes
- New option to input search statuses, old options removed
- Dynamic init method data is now stored as div attribute instead of content (crawler bot friendly)
- Vertical and Horizontal results images are redirecting to results, even if not the whole area is clickable
- Scrollbar script checks for existence before init

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