Bookly v9.2 – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin


Bookly v9.2 – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin
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Bookly v9.2 – awesome appointment booking and scheduling solution, 7000+ satisfied business owners agree. Simply setup & mobile device friendly, excellent support!

Bookly perfectly supports:

  • beauty, massage, wellness and healthcare reservations;
  • sports, trainings, dance, fitness, yoga, pilates appointments;
  • scheduling learning and educational courses, tutors and helpers;
  • organisation of special events and free-time activities;
  • searching and booking of visit to photographers, stylists, placing requests for babysitters, dogwalkers etc.

How it works

After a simple installation process the website owner can start creating services which can be provided to customers upon request such as events, meetings, lessons, consultations etc. The administrators can easily change and customize settings including individual schedule for each service provider, individual service prices, working days and hours for the whole company and for each service provider separately. They can also view lists of apponitments and customers, billing information and payment reports with filters on multiple criteria. The plugin also has an option to create appointments manually through the WP admin panel.

Bookly offers a unique solution to make the process of booking pleasant for customers – the only thing that is required from the client is to complete 5 easy steps. Intuitive interface as well as clear and attractive design makes this process extremely easy. Customers have possibility to find a convenient time, select service provider, book an appointment and pay for it. One more thing that will please your clients is the ability to view available time slots in their own time zone.

Let’s say you have installed the Bookly plugin, but its default design doesn’t correspond to the appearance of your website. Our developers took care of everything – you can easily modify the booking form design according to your own needs. It’s possible to adjust the main color and change the fields’ titles and descriptions.

The plugin offers easy and comfortable way of communication between service providers and customers by using e-mail and SMS notifications. There are several types of notifications for different cases – reminders, confirmations, follow-ups, agendas etc. You may also send notifications to your staff members, for example to give some information about the next agenda or appointment details. Website owner can manage all notification settings in the WP admin panel.

Customizable calendar allows looking through appointments for either all or particular service provider and can be displayed in three modes, which are month, week and day. Administrators can also create new appointments and edit the existing ones. It is also possible to assign a color to each service for better identification.

By entering your purchase code in Bookly -> Settings you will get access to Bookly updates that will let you always have the latest version of the plugin.

Key features:

  • User friendly responsive touch optimized front-end design
  • Comprehensive admin area with intuitive interface
  • Easy WordPress integration
  • Dozens of options to fit your business model
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Paypal payments
  • Credit card payments using, Stripe or 2Checkout
  • Custom fields
  • Discount coupons
  • Weekly calendar view for each service provider
  • Daily calendar overview for all or selected service providers
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited number of services
  • Unlimited number of service providers
  • Personalized price of service for each provider
  • Variable time slot length
  • Personalized week schedule for providers with unlimited number of breaks
  • Night shifts
  • Configurable holidays and days-off
  • Importable and manageable list of customers
  • Editable email and SMS notifications to customers and service providers
  • Editable email and SMS reminders
  • Configurable payment reports
  • Customizable appearance settings
  • Export of bookings to CSV
  • Fully translatable: language files can be found in language directory inside the plugin
  • Support for WPML

List of features



  • Weekly calendar view for each service provider
  • Week selection
  • Daily calendar view for all service providers
  • Date/day selection
  • List of staff members displayed on the calendar
  • Add new appointment
  • Edit appointment
  • Edit booking details


  • Appointments date range
  • Setting delimiter
  • Export appointments list to CSV
  • Sorting by certain criteria (Booking Time; Staff Member; Customer Name; Service; Duration; Price)
  • Delete appointment from the list

Staff members

  • Create new staff member
  • Delete staff member
  • Staff members arrangement view
  • Staff member personal/contact details
  • Staff member user role
  • Staff member photo
  • Google calendar integration for each staff member
  • Individual service list for each service provider
  • Individual price list for each service provider
  • Service capicity for each service provider
  • Individual schedule for each service provider
  • Individual working breaks for each service provider
  • Individual ‘Days off’ calendar for each service provider
  • Unlimited number of service providers


  • Create new category
  • Delete category
  • Edit category title
  • Categories arrangement view
  • Create new service
  • Delete service
  • Edit service title
  • Services arrangement view
  • Marking color for each service
  • Duration for each service
  • Price for each service
  • Capacity for each service
  • Staff members list for each service
  • Assign service to category
  • Unlimited number of services


  • Create a new customer
  • Import customer list
  • Delete customer
  • Edit customer data
  • Sort by customer data
  • Appointments and payments statistics for each customer
  • Quick customer search
  • Add new customer directly from the calendar


  • Sender’s details
  • Notification to customer about appointment details
  • Notification to staff member about appointment details
  • Notification to staff member about appointment cancellation
  • Notification to customer about their WordPress user login details
  • Notification to administrators about appointments
  • Evening reminder to customer about next day appointment
  • Follow-up message on the day after appointment
  • Evening notification with the next day agenda to staff member
  • Text formatting tools
  • Tags/shortcodes support
  • Visual edit mode
  • Text edit mode


  • Payment date range
  • Filtering within certain criteria (payment method; customer; service provider; service)
  • Sorting by certain criteria (date; type; customer; service provider; service; amount; coupon; appointment date)
  • View payment reports


  • Color scheme selection
  • Show/hide form progress tracker
  • Show/hide calendar
  • Show/hide blocked timeslots
  • Show each day in one column
  • Each step appearance modification
  • Change the fields titles
  • Change the fields descriptions
  • Tags/shortcodes support
  • HTML tags support

Custom fields

  • Editable text field
  • Text area field
  • Checkbox group field
  • Radio button group field
  • Drop down menu field
  • Requred/not required fields
  • Custom fields arrangement view
  • Custom fields in calendar
  • HTML tags support


  • Setting coupon
  • Setting discount percentage
  • Delete coupons


  • Time slot length
  • Minimum time requirement prior to booking
  • Restrict the number of days available for booking
  • Display available time slots in client’s time zone
  • Create WordPress user account for customers
  • Cancel appointment page URL
  • Final step URL
  • Allow staff members to edit their profiles
  • Company contact details
  • Company logo
  • Google calendar integration
  • Google calendar 2 way sync
  • Google calendar 1 way sync
  • Limit number of fetched events from Google Calendar
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Currency selection
  • Enable/disable coupons
  • Payment methods setup
  • Payment on-location
  • PayPal payment method
  • Credit card payments using or Stripe
  • Enable/disable available payment methods
  • Remove payment step from the booking form
  • Company working schedule
  • Holidays calendar
  • Every year reccuring holidays
  • Purchase code

Adding booking form shortcode

  • Select default value for category field
  • Hide category field
  • Select default value for service field
  • Hide service field
  • Select default value for staff member field
  • Hide staff member field
  • Hide number of persons field
  • Hide “I’m available on …” block

Add Bookly appointments list

  • Display columns (Category; Service; Staff; Date; Time; Price; Cancel)
  • Display titles


Service selection step

  • Select category
  • Select service
  • Select staff member
  • Select number of persons
  • Select “I’m available on or after” date
  • Preffered days of week selection
  • Specify preffered time frame

Time selection step

  • View timeslots table
  • Timeslot selection

Details step

  • Appointment details confirmation
  • Personal details input (Name, phone and e-mail)
  • Custom fields input

Payment step

  • Payment method selection
  • Adding coupon code

Final step

  • Successful booking confirmation

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