Wordpress Meta Data / Taxonomies Filter v2.2.1

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-meta-data-taxonomies-filter/7002700

WordPress Meta Data / Taxonomies Filter v2.2.1
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The plugin has very high flexibility and for now it is the most comprehensive solution for making content is searchable by meta fields AND taxonomies among wordpress plugins on codecanyon and wordpress.org!

The main idea of the plugin – make your site content is searchable by meta fields and taxonomies on the same time.

With this plugin you will be able to filter posts,custom post types, WooCommerce products filter, Jigoshop products meta fields and taxonomies on the same time.

WordPress 4.5.x COMPATIBLE

The plugin can give you next power:

How to create simple Car Dealer site from scratch

For all customers who doesn’t understand how to create filters for woocommerce and want to filter products by taxonomies, price and product attributes – FREE filter installation!
Just write us in PM next please: Hello, I bought MDTF plugin for woocommerce and I want to have filters by taxonomies and price. Create them please.
And send me of course your wp-admin credentials. So your economy is time and 50$. That is all
Buying this plugin you get more than one plugin. Get more for free as gift!!

What is it built-in meta data constructor?

Meta Data Constructor is what makes our plugin UNIQUE. No other search plugins come with such powerful and advanced features out of the box. All your searches are over—no pun intended and we really mean it!

With our plugin you can create custom metafields with simple clicks – no coding experience required; you choose how your search form(s) should be presented on your sites front end: with drop-down, checkboxes and/or range sliders.

For example you already have your own shop online, and like many you have come across other shops with very cool features and fancy search forms, with numerous options? Now you would like to see such a great form on your own site. But how could you achieve this without coding experience or paying a premium fee? Just purchase our plugin for a mere $22 and you will be able to create powerful search forms in no time, using our unique built-in Meta Data Constructor with meta fields and taxonomies. All documented with videos. Example of a big form: http://general.wp-filter.com/category/notebook-posts/

If your shop already has a lot of metafields and you want to use them: built-in meta data constructor has a great tool for it called “Reflection”. How does it works (step by steps instructions included in our comprehensive online documentation and videos)? You create a new html item via the built-in meta data constructor, for price as an example, it would be a range-slider, check checkbox Reflect value from meta key, and paste your old key in the newly enabled text area. Press Update.? All done. From now on your old meta value is also searchable thanks to our plugin! Neat.

There is a lot more you can do with our plugin of course, make sure to check the documentation and watch our videos.

Thanks for your interest.

Customer reviews:

v.2.2.1 - 29-02-2016
- New filter item: Multiple checkbox select
- New option: Range slider skin
- New option: Init plugin scripts on the next site pages only
- New option: JavaScript code after AJAX is done
- New option: Sort options by alphabetical order
- New option: Custom CSS code
- New feature: Cache terms
- mdf_search_is_going - CSS class in tag body if searching is going
- $args = apply_filters('mdf_custom_shortcode_query_args', $args, $custom_id); - wp-filter for shortcode [mdf_custom] 
- //require plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . 'ext/utilities.php'; - not documented extension in index.php

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