PopupPress v2.3.8 - Popups with Slider & Lightbox for WordPress

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PopupPress v2.3.8 – Popups with Slider & Lightbox for WordPress
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PopupPress v2.3.8 is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create elegant overlapping windows.
This plugin is intended to insert any type of content in a Popup of the fastest and easiest way on any page of WordPress.
It also has a simple system statistics for the number of views of the popups.

Compatible with any content:

  • HTML Text
  • Banner Ads
  • Image or Image Gallery
  • Video or Video Gallery
  • Audio or Audio Gallery
  • Pdf viewer
  • Iframe Content
  • Forms
  • SlideShare Content
  • and many more media

The can be used to display:

  • Advertising banners
  • Contact forms
  • Disclaimer contents
  • Notifications
  • Alert messages
  • Product description
  • Work portfolio
  • Product images
  • Google maps
  • Notices
  • Or other information

Multiple Execution Methods

  • on Click (including from a menu item. Guide)
  • on MouseOver
  • Automatically, on page load
  • or run popup when leaving the page

Slider and Lightbox Included

PopupPress has a Slider images or videos, allowing you to use PopupPress like Lightbox to show any kind of Gallery.

Content Disclaimer Popup

PopupPress v2.3.8 can be used by websites to display a custom disclaimer messages. So you can easily display a disclaimer popup, content warning, adult age check, cookie policy, Visitors should accept the disclaimer, otherwise they would be redirected to another site.

Popups List with Preview function and Statistics – Total Views

v2.3.8 – 17 April 2016

  1. Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.
  2. New – Support for nested popups.
  3. Fixed – Fixed HTTPS protocol
  4. Fixed – Fixed all reported problems.

v2.2.5 – 29 January 2016

  1. New – Added “Target” option to Disclaimer popup.
  2. New – Added “Remove cookie” option.
  3. New – I have optimized the load of the popups.
  4. Fixed – Fixed all reported problems$(“#popuppress-5”).on(‘ppsOnOpen’, function(e){ //Do something });
  5. New – Added two callbacks functions “ppsOnOpen/ppsOnClose”.

v2.0 – 16 September 2015

  1. NewFully customizable, Now you can change the text color, background color, close button, margins, paddings, borders, etc
  2. New – New field to Custom CSS Styles.
  3. New – Added “Image of Overlay”, Now you can add an image to the background overlay.
  4. Update – Updated libraries and files used by the plugin
  5. Fixed – Fixed all reported problems

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Elegant Design and Interactive Development Hi my name is Max, I have 23 years old and am passionate about web technologies. I like the design, web development and I am in love with Wordpress I speak Spanish! The result of my passion!

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