WooCommerce Point of Sale v3.1.5.4 (POS)

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High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With WooCommerce 2.6.x
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Version WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5
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WooCommerce Point of Sale v3.1.5.4 (POS)
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WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v3.1.5.4 – Take your WooCommerce store in store using our easy to use and highly customisable Point of Sale plugin.

= - 2016.08.04 =
* Feature added where you get an error note if there is no SKU found.
* Feature added where notes are automatically displayed when loading an order.
* Tweak to email prompt showing for guest users.
* Fix bug with users having the 'Invalid Order' bug.

= - 2016.08.03 =
* Feature added where you can define what the scanning field is scanned to return a product.

= - 2016.08.02 =
* Fix bug with JSON validation for some users.
* Fix bug with variations not loading properly in search bar.

= - 2016.08.01 =
* Fix bug with card scanning feature.

= 3.1.5 - 2016.07.28 =
* Tweak to receipt text headers.
* Tweak to product search requests.
* Tweak to customer layout and hover points.
* Fix bug where change is shown after purchase.
* Fix bug where some users had stock updating twice.
* Fix bug where some users had basket loading without correct settings.

= - 2016.07.21 =
* Fix bug with customer loading after removing previous customer on guest orders.
* Fix bug with WC 2.6.x update affecting tax from being applied.
* Fix bug with rounding errors caused after WC 2.6.x update.
* Fix bug with Gravatar HTTPS error.
* Fix bug with quantity stock errors produced when quantity is approaching zero.

= - 2016.07.20 =
* Fix bug with product discounts not being applied correctly.
* Fix bug with adding, saving and loading orders with discount.

= - 2016.07.15 =
* Fix bug with customer search not working for some users.

= - 2016.07.08 =
* Fix bug of customers staying after the order is complete.
* Fix bug with loading orders after they have been saved through custom order.
* Fix bug with default tile sorting.
* Fix bug with shipping state not appearing correctly on shipping fields.

= - 2016.06.22 =
* Tweak to blur effect being appleid incorrectly on Firefox and Safari browsers causing slow performance.
* Tweak to selecting text when double clicking in register, no longer possible to ensure quick response and user friendliness.
* Tweak to sounds used when adding items to cart.
* Tweak to icons used to follow WooCommerce font system.

= - 2016.06.17 =
* Tweak to layout and design - to conform and compliment WooCommerce 2.6.

= - 2016.06.16 =
* Fix bug with setup wizard not appearing after activation.
* Fix bug with pre WC2.6 support.

= - 2016.06.16 =
* Tweak to styles post 2.6 update.

= - 2016.06.15 =
* Fix bug with register not loading post 2.6 update.

= 3.1.4 - 2016.06.15 =
* WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility.
* Feature integration with Points & Rewards.
* Tweak to product grid when loading multiple screens.

= - 2016.06.09 =
* Fix bug with custom fields not appearing on users page.
* Fix bug with customer search not working properly for some users.

= - 2016.06.07 =
* Fix bug with loading orders and not showing tax on products.
* Fix bug with loading and saving orders with certain type of products.
* Fix bug with Authorize.NET CIM payment gateway.
* Fix bug with special characters in product category grids.
* Fix bug with duplicate customer names appearing in search.
* Fix bug with emails to guests not sending.
* Fix bug with state/country addresses not saving correctly.
* Fix bug with report not showing for cashier users.
* Tweak to Spanish translation.

= - 2016.05.20 =
* Fix bug with coupons with product discount.

= - 2016.05.20 =
* Fix bug with register arrays not loading correctly for some users.

= - 2016.05.19 =
* Fix bug with stock not reloading when loading saved orders.
* Fix bug with error line appearing on registers page.
* Fix bug with custom products not loading correctly.
* Fix bug with printed reports not displaying properly.

= - 2016.05.13 =
* Fix bug with receipt not printing properly.

= - 2016.05.10 =
* Feature integration with WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields.
* Feature integration with WooCommerce Advanced Custom Fields.
* Feature order type indicator.
* Fix bug with tiles go back not appearing correctly.

= - 2016.05.04 =
* Fix bug with register not loading on Safari devices.
* Feature added to display reports when register is closed.
* Feature added to set the served user on receipt.

= - 2016.05.01 =
* Fix bug with blurs appearing on Chrome browsers on non-retina devices.
* Tweak to default settings of auto update.

= 3.1.3 - 2016.04.27 =
* Tweak to display prices including or excluding tax on product grid.
* Tweak to product grid now displays a tile for going back to parent category.
* Tweak to toaster notifications replacing each other when similar window appears.
* Feature added to allow users to send email from payment modal window.

= - 2016.04.21 =
* Fix bug with quantity keypad not allowing products to be added when decimal quantity is disabled.
* Fix bug with search customer not working using last names.
* Fix bug with conflict with 'Better WordPress Minify'.

= - 2016.04.20 =
* Fix bug with cashier receipt showing logged in users rather than cashier.
* Tweak to the customer details page.

= 3.1.2 - 2016.04.19 =
* Fix bug with coupons limited to 1 product not being applied correctly.
* Fix bug with loading web orders incorrectly.
* Feature introduced to allow decimal quantities to be used for stock in register / backend.

= - 2016.04.18 =
* Tweak to the register column rearrangement.
* Tweak to responsive styles tweaks.
* Tweak to settings page.
* Tweak to subtotal page.

= 3.1.1 - 2016.04.18 =
* Fix bug with connections interrupted messages appearing.
* Fix bug with register cart not scrolling as you add products.
* Tweak to settings to set stock intervals in seconds.

= 3.1.0 - 2016.04.11 =
* Fix bug with customer details being updated.
* Fix bug with default sorting not working correctly.
* Fix bug with removing, reloading and saving orders.
* Tweak to stock updater automatically updating information.

= 3.0.10 - 2016.03.02 =
* Feature integration of Address Validation plugin from WooThemes.
* Feature search customers using telephone numbers.
* Fix bug with minimum spend coupon toaster notification showing USD.
* Fix bug with (ex. VAT) being displayed.
* Fix bug with setup wizard showing incorrect default options for register options.
* Fix bug with default country being displayed for guest users.
* Fix bug with checkout field editor plugin.

= 3.0.9 - 2016.02.25 =
* Fix bug with reports not showing.

= 3.0.8 - 2016.02.24 =
* Fix bug when loading the register on iOS device.
* Fix bug with tiling ordering not working correctly.

= 3.0.7 - 2016.02.18 =
* Support for Simplify Commerce gateway.
* Fix bug with loading variable products with missing attributes.
* Fix bug with email notifications being sent when they should not be.

= 3.0.6 - 2016.02.15 =
* Fix bug with cancelled orders appearing in report.
* Fix bug with customer search email not working.
* Fix bug with variable products not loading for some users.
* Feature setup wizard for first time users.
* Feature to force open register when opened in another tab.
* Tweak to modal windows when showing notifications.

= 3.0.5 - 2016.02.04 =
* Fix bug with Authorize.NET payment gateway not working correctly.
* Fix bug with stock issue when saving and reloading an order.
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5 - fix bug with variable products/custom products not loading properly when loading saved orders.
* Tweak to first installation; default country is set to Base Country of WooCommerce store.
* Tweak to image sizes loading on the register, new option to set quality of images to load.

= 3.0.4 - 2016.02.03 =
* Fix bug with Checkout Field Editor not saving the fields to the order.
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5 - fix bug with report giving error on closing of the register.
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5 - fix bug with stock of non-stock products displaying null in stock. 

= 3.0.3 - 2016.02.01 =
* Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5 - fixed issue with grid not loading.

= 3.0.2 - 2015.12.18 =
* Fix bug with payment method title not changing as payment is selected.
* Fix bug with registers table not showing icons in other languages.
* Fix bug with quantity not updated on keypad on custom product.
* Fix bug with customer not being linked to the order on the Orders page.
* Fix bug with variable products not appearing correctly when attributes and variations are custom entered.
* Tweak to the closed register report including date and time.
* Tweak to the time format of closed and opening times for when register is reported.
* Tweak to the stock affection to products when using the chip & PIN method.

= 3.0.1 - 2015.12.14 =
* Fix bug with reports not being displayed.
* Fix bug with complete status being set as completed status and not returning this.
* Fix bug with cycle not loading correctly for some users.
* Fix bug with cashier role not being able to process orders.
* Feature added custom CSS on register.

= 3.0.0 - 2015.12.08 =
* Fix bug with tax calculations.
* Fix bug with shipping calculations with tax.
* Fix bug with coupons discount appearing on receipt.
* Fix bug with SSL authentication.
* Feature added to control stock inventory.
* Feature added to print labels on Avery 30 labels per sheet template.
* Feature added where variations can be displayed as tiles rather than overlay.
* Feature added to cater for more receipt fields; customer note, shipping, name and email.
* Feature added to define default country for shipping.
* Feature added to display or hide out of stock products.
* Feature added to display or hide customer details popup upon customer search.
* Feature added to display tiles with price as well as image only.
* Feature added to display notification when adding note and applying discount.
* Feature added to modify the product name when processing orders.
* Feature added to modify and add tax on each product.
* Feature added to disable sound notifications.
* Feature added to rearrange gateways.
* Refactoring of register, cart and order functionality.
* Tweak to validation when amount tendered is zero.
* Tweak to validation when basket is empty.
* Tweak to the overlay popup for variable products.

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