Rating Form v1.5.2

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Rating Form v1.5.2
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Choose or create a Rating Form, choice of Stars, Hearts, Smileys, Thumbs Up & Down and many more or upload your own shapes. Lots of features and still expanding.



  • User friendly
  • Multilingual (.pot template included) / Compatible with WPML
  • Choice of min. 1 to 10 max. shapes
  • Create multiple child rating forms of the parent through shortcode attribute custom_id
  • Every rating form has his own individual options
  • Various forms:
    • Change shape size
    • Change colors
    • Set alignment
    • Much more options!
  • Limit ratings based on time duration or no duration time (limitless), e.g. 10 votes per 1 hour (1 day, 1 week etc.) or fill in custom time duration.
  • Show rating result in search engines like Google (Rich Snippet).
  • Live rating statics (click on total ratings button).
  • Tooltips!
  • Instant AJAX rating.
  • Works on cache plugins!
  • Allow to edit previous rating!
  • Add titles (text) for each shape position
  • Choose which post types are allowed
  • Choose which user roles are allowed
  • Define which posts are allowed through Post ID(s)
  • Enable spinner update animation (loading)
  • Switch to empty shapes
  • Switch between Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down only buttons.
  • Change direction to RTL
  • Change decimal of average rounding
  • Upload your own custom shapes.
  • Enable if only registered users should rate.
  • Add shortcode inside posts/pages or in template files.
  • Add inside comments with shortcode attribute comment_id
  • Create multiple criteria ratings
  • Widget: Display Top Rating Results or use with shortcode: rating_form_top_rating_results
  • Include multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
  • Exclude multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
  • Compatible with SSL / HTTPS connection
  • Compatible with myCred
  • Export / Import rating result!
  • Block IP’s
  • Useful shortcode options you can add:
    • Hide/Show total ratings
    • Hide/Show tooltip
    • Hide/Show stats
    • Turn on/off rating result
  • See changelog for more features!


If you have problems or questions, contact me and I’ll help you.


Version 1.5.2 (19-10-2016)

  • Rating results (dashboard) – Displayed only one vote instead of all votes
  • Shortcode attribute taxonomy in rating_form_top_rating_results
    • Display top comments of a specific post by id
    • Filter by one or more taxonomies and/or terms within these taxomony
      • Seperate taxomony by | (vertical bar)
      • Add terms by using : (colon)
      • Add relation between terms through hyphen like -AND / -OR
        • AND: every term in the array must be available
        • OR (default behaviour): at least one of the term must be available
      • Example shortcode attribute
        • taxomony=”computer-AND:hp,lenovo|laptop”
    • Sort list by old or new ratings (date) and top or down ratings
      • Choose from: old, new, top_rating, down_rating
      • Example, sort new ratings by from low to top ratings: new,down_rating
  • Shortcode attributes in rating_form_total
    • custom_id
      • Display specific average result of custom_id.
        • Example: [rating_form_total custom_id=”laptop”]
        • custom_id=”0” displays result of [rating_form id=”1”] (without custom_id)
    • type_count
      • Display specific average result in percentage real numbers.
        • Example: [rating_form_total type_count=”percentage”]
    • id
      • Get same style and settings from a Rating Form by ID
  • Add New Form – Option spinner is enabled (default behaviour)

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