User profile Completeness Add-on for UserPro v1.5
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Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it.

Do you have a site filled with empty user profiles which are dissuading new members from joining? The Profile Completeness Addon is one of the best ways to urge current members to complete their profiles. Show them the percentage of their profile completion and set threshold percentages to restrict further actions; until the profile is completed. Users can thus track their own profile completion progress seeing the percentage displayed.

The Essentials
  General settings include threshold percentage that sets restrictions for : Viewing the full site Redirecting to a Restriction URL
  Backend settings to set the percentage for each field that is required for profile completion. For instance, the profile image contributes to 20%, name contributes to 5% of profile completion.
   Field Setup settings which show remaining progress for profile completion setup.
   Users urged to complete their profiles by redirecting them to the Edit Profile page


Version 1.5 (04 Oct 2016)
    - Enhancement : Added profile Completeness on registration and profile edit page and made it dynamic
    - New Feature : Added auto update

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