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Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it.


UserPro Dashboard offers an easy control over the information and design of user’s profile. The dashboard also enables a quick and single page view to all the details of your profile.


Build custom profile page using 14 ready-to-use widgets
Easy drag and drop design
Create custom widgets. Ability to use shortcodes in custom widgets created by administrator
Admin can now setup custom design layout for all users
Manage posts directly from dashboard
Support for multiple languages – French, German and Spanish


Version 3.6( 27 Mar 2017 )
        - Bug fixed : Logged in user's media shown in other user's profile

Version 3.5( 01 Mar 2017 )
        - New Feature : Now users can manage their posts from dashboard

Version 3.4( 23 Dec 2016 )
    - Bug fixed : default widgets can be displayed. Previously, if custom widgets turned on and not created custom widgets then the default widgets was not displayed, CSS issues are fixed 

Version 3.3( 12 Oct 2016 )
    - New Feature : Admin can now setup a layout for all users using widgets.(Settings can be found at : UserPro -> User Dashboard -> Settings -> General Settings -> Enable custom layout for all users. Note : This feature requires UserPro version 4.4 or higher to be installed )  

Version 3.2( 06 Sept 2016 )
    - New Feature : Added auto update

Version 3.1( 09 Jun 2016 )
    - New Feature : Added ability for using shortcodes in custom Widgets created by administrator
     - Enhancement : Added postsbyuser widget in profile customizer

Version 3.0( 12 Apr 2016 )
    - New Feature : Ability for administrator to create Custom Widgets to be used in the dashboard for users

Version 2.0( 04 Apr 2016 )
    - New Feature : Enable users to create custom profile layout with the help of easy to use drag and drop tool ( Note : This feature requires UserPro version 2.67 to be installed ) 

 Version 1.0 ( 16 Mar 2016 )
    - Initial version

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