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Video Robot v1.8.6 – WordPress Plugin
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WP Video Robot is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. Actually, WP Video Robot is a complete and yet easy premium WordPress plugin with a schedule import system that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest or most popular videos online.
WP Video Robot supports now VIMEO and DAILYMOTION in addition to YOUTUBE. Millions of videos are now within reach of a click.

One plugin. Infinite possibilities !

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  • UNLIMITED SOURCES : WP Video Robot is completely flexible and allows you to import videos from an unlimited number of sources.
  • DETAILED LOGS : WP Video Robot keeps a detailed log of all scheduled or manual fetching and importing actions. You can review what the plugin did later on.
  • TESTING VIDEOS : WP Video Robot has a user friendly interface for testing sources and choosing the videos you want to add.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES : WP Video is constantly updated and we make sure it always works with the latest version of WordPress. Also we regularly add new features.
  • VIDEO THUMBNAIL : Save all remote thumbnails images to your own server automatically to improve SEO. WP Video Robot sets the thumbnail as a featured image so you can use it in your WordPress theme as well.
  • FULL CONTROL : You decide how many videos you want, the new post status, in which category WP Video Robot should post and with which author account. There is a setting for everything!
  • VIDEO CURATION : WP Video Robot supports draft posting, it allows you to moderate and manual review the imported videos before publishing them.
  • NO DUPLICATE VIDEOS : The “Skip Duplicates” option prevents WP Video Robot from importing duplicate videos.
  • MANUAL IMPORT : You can manually import a single video by entering its unique youtube ID. You can then choose to import all the video metadata or only a part of it.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCES : WP Video Robot is built to handle multiple source and thousands of imports without decreasing the site performances.
  • AUTO CLEAN MODE : WP Video Robot auto detects invalid and deleted videos and automatically changes their status from published to invalid. Your site stays always clean.
  • AUTOMATIC TAGGING : For each created video WP Video Robot adds the related Youtube tags to your WordPress site. It helps your video to get higher ranking on search engines.
  • IMPORTING & EXPORTING : Want to backup or migrate your videos? WP Video Robot makes it easy for you to import / export thousands of videos.
  • RANDOMIZATION : Many different randomization features in WP Video Robot make sure that your site will look natural with diverse content and no unusual patterns that could be detected by search engines.
  • COMPLETELY LEGAL : All video imported are legal to be used and published on your site. WP Video Robot uses official Youtube API to fetch and import data.
  • INTERNATIONAL : The WP Video Robot plugin has been translated into English and French. It is translation ready with RTL support. All language files are included with the plugin. They are automatically used when you install WP Video Robot on a WordPress site in one of the languages.
  • NO CODING NEEDED : WP Video Robot auto-includes seamlessly imported videos in any query on your site with no need for coding.
  • COMPLETE INTEGRATION : WPVR is compatible with all WordPress themes. Actually, it creates the video for you, and then your theme defines how it looks on your site.
  • SHORTCODE : If you want to manually add an imported video into a post, simply use the plugin shortcode [wpvr id=XXX].


  • WordPress 3.6+
  • PHP 5.5+
  • MYSQL 5+
  • cUrl 7.40+ extension using https is required

We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux.
We tested rendering on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


------------------------------- v1.8.6 (September 20th, 2016) -----------------------------
[Added Features]
- Added a single video import wizard for better user experience.
- Added Sticky topbar on source edition screen for easy source edition.
- Added the wpvr_count shortcode that shows different video counts filtered by category, by services or by status.
    [wpvr_count] : Shows the total count of videos.
    [wpvr_count service=youtube] : Shows the total number of Youtube videos (youtube/vimeo/dailymotion/ted/youku/facebook).
    [wpvr_count category=movies] : Shows the total number of videos from the Movies category (use slug).
    [wpvr_count status=pending] : Shows the total number of pending videos (publish/pending/draft).
    Adding no_label attribute returns only the count number with no labelling.
- Added new custom hooks php file, where advanced user can hook into WPVR action and filter hooks.
- Added more simple message when visiting the CrON URL with CRON debug OFF.
- Added Update thumbnails bulk action to re-download thumbnails of selected videos.
- Introduced edit button when using source testing tool.
- Rearranged the source filters and added source posting categories filter (More/Less Filters).
- Rearranged the videos filters (More/Less Filters).

- Corrected the issue on Dailymotion Playlists import.
- Corrected the Video List screen blank screen issue (Thanks to Jorge Romero).
- Corrected the cron url generation error with WP installed on a subfolder.
- Corrected the manual adding issue with Youku videos.
- Corrected hooks to prevent WPVR from messing with attachments frontend rendering.
- Added exit blank screen when trying to access wpvr.cron.php directly (For better security).

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