WHMCS Client Area v1.4.1 for WordPress by WHMpress

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WHMCS Client Area for WordPress by WHMpress
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Compatibile with WHMCS 7.2

For existing customers: We are happy to release new WHMCS Client Area based on WHMCS API. Although it is a whole new product with name WHMCS Client Area API (WCAP in short), we are offering it under the same account to support existing customers. Please note that Existing customers should treat it as a new product when it comes to upgrading. They will need to uninstall the legacy client area plugin completely then install and configure this API based client area. Please read upgrade instructions here: http://docs.whmpress.com/wcap/getting-started-whmcs-client-area/

If you are looking for an alternate to WHMCS-Bridge with one-time payment and life-time updates, you are at right place.

This plugin works with and without WHMpress which offers you all pricing components, tabls, comobos, buttons, lists and ajax domain search in bewteen WP content pages

WHMCS Client Area brings client area within WP. Having this addon will integrate your billing, support and and all other WHMCS operations that can performed after login only. This integration will provide your customers a user-friendly and consistent customer experience. Adding value to your WP website, the add-on will help you to keep your clients at your WordPress site.

Intelligent Styling

By design, it works with any WP theme, And the styling is not any more depended on your WHMCS styling.

Hide Unwanted WHMCS Sections

Since it is based on WHMCS API, it will not fetch whole WHMCS frontend as its. Instead, it communicates with WHMCS in the background. So there is no more need to do extra efforts on hiding parts that you do not use. Giving you cleaner and cluter free code

Language Options

This is a great feature for hosts who have multilingual websites. Unlike other WP-WHMCS bridge solutions in the market, WHMpress Client Area is designed to follow WP language it self. You still have the options to use a particular language using WHMpress client area > settings or use the one selected in WHMCS.

Note: Plugin requires WHMPress Helper (A WHMCS Addon Module) to be installed in WHMCS. WHMPress helper is is not part of the WordPress Plugin. A lite version is included in the package for FREE. Please download using “All Files & Documentation” option.

Change Log

v.1.4.3 - 13th July 2017 -
New -  functions added > quotes, network issues, announcements, downloads, email history
Improved - Admin page for general settings formated
Fixed - button class bug when the menu is hidden
Fixed - stop redirect for view invoices
Fixed - fixed order process (missing configurations)
Fixed - Updated language files
Fixed - formatted network status
Fixed - Contacts subaccounts heading remains issue - fixed

v.1.2 - 15th June 2017 -
Fixed - Several tweaks and fixed to initial version.
Improved - WHMCS configurations section
SSO - SSO shifted to beta stage with new client-area

v.1 - 5th June 2017 -
New - First version released

-- 5th June: Releasing WHMCS Client Area with API support (aka. WCAP, WHMCS Backend)  --
-- 5th June Retiring legacy WHMCS Client Area --

v.4.1.2 - 21 December, 2016 -
Fixed - Several bug fixes
New - Code refactoring

v.4.0.3 - 26 October, 2016 -
New - Compatible with WHMCS 7

v.3.0 - 11 October, 2016 -
New - Single Sign-on (SSO) with WP
New - User Sync between WHMCS and WP

v.2.9 - 11th July 2016 -
New - Compatibility with PHP 7.

v.2.8.10 - 27 June 2016 -
Fixed - Several bug fixes

v.2.8.6 - 9th May 2016 -
Improved - Improved logic further to work better in multilingual installation.
Fixed - Bug in nonmultilingual installs induced in v.2.8

v.2.8.5 - 30th April 2016 -
Improved - Improved logic for selecting WHMCS language in multilingual installs
New - Support for Polylang plugin

v.2.8 - 30th April 2016 -
Improved - Compatibility with multilingual plugins

v.2.7.1 - 29th April, 2016 -
New - Compatibility ensured with WHMCS 6.3.1 and WordPress 4.5
Update - WHMPress Helper 2.1
Update - sixWHMpress Template v.3 for WHMCS 6.3

v.2.7 - 26th April 2016 -
New - Compatibility ensured with WHMCS 6.3 and WordPress 4.5
Fixed - Speed Improvements
Fixed - Page load issue on WHMCS domain checker if you have 100s of domains.

v.2.6 - 28th March 2016 -
New - Update WHMCS template (sixWHMpress v.2)
Fixed - Several tweaks as per customer feedback.
Improved - Logic improved to access static files from WHMCS, no more post requests

v.2.4 - 21st November, 15 -
New - Improved pretty permalink options

v.2.1 - 7th November, 15 -
New - Added plug n play configurations for alaska, flathost & truehost

v.2. - 31 October, 15 -
New - SEO titles
New - Template configuration files.
New - Debug info

v.1.4.5 - 9th September 15 -
Improved - Several improvements and fixes

v.1.3.5 - 25th July 15 -
Improved - Compatibility with WHMCS v.6.1
Added - WHMCS template (sixWHMpress) for WHMCS v.6
Updated: WHMCS template (bootWHMpress) for WHMCS v.5

v.1.3.0 - 1st July 15 -
Added - Compatibility with WHMCS v.6

v.1.2.1 - 18 June 15 -
Added - Option to hide currency select
Added - bootWHMpress template for WHMCS
Removed - Options that are no longer needed after bootWHMpress

v.1.1.5 - 20 May 15 -
Improved - Error handling.
Improved - Tweaked for speed.

v.1.1.4 - 14 May 15 -
Fixed - Several bugs fixed.
New - User can remove certain WHMCS areas, like footer, breadcrumb
New - Option added (Load drop-down method, if bootstrap's drop-down not working)

v.1.1.3 - 28 April 15 -
Fixed - Several bugs fixed.
New - new options added, users, have now more control over how client area will interact with WHMCS.

v.1.1.1 - 27 April 15 -
Fixed - several bugs fixed.
improved - Several code improvements

v.1.0.1 - 25 April 15 -
Fixed - Padlock goes away when used with https
Fixed - Redirect loop.

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