WooCommerce Cart - WooCart Pro v2.2.0

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WooCommerce Cart – WooCart Pro v2.2.0
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WooCommerce is most popular eCommerce solution. WooCommerce have many themes and plugins for improve your online business. But many WooCommerce themes do not have instruments for customization cart. WooCart Pro is powerful plugin for create and modify cart for your online shop. We try create flexible solution for you.

Demo for Widget (Display as a list of products)
Demo for Cart in Menu
Demo for Cart in Fixed Location (with custom icon)
Demo for Popup Cart


  • Ability insert cart into menus
  • Ability insert cart use widget and shortcode
  • Cart in fixed location (visible cart with scrolling page)
  • Lightbox popup for add to cart action
  • Have opportunity hide cart if it is empty
  • Dropdown products list on click or on hover
  • Quickly add and delete products from cart
  • Ability to display total price and amount in any combination
  • Customize text and icons in cart
  • Enable/Disable buttons
  • 11 default icons and the ability to add your own custom icon
  • Ability to display only list of products in cart widget
  • Customize color
  • Responsive (Multiple Device Support)
  • Visibility variation name for Variable Product in cart
  • WPML Compatible


  • Cart Container:
    • Responsive and custom width
    • Icon color static and on hover
    • Font size and color
    • Padding for cart position
    • Background color
    • Opacity for background
    • Border radius, width and color
  • Dropdown Product List:
    • Responsive width and custom
    • Font size and color for text and title
    • Border radius, width and color for corners
    • Background color and opacity
    • Border width and radius for “Subtotal”
    • Border color for “Subtotal”
    • Background color for “Subtotal”
    • Font color for “Subtotal”
    • Background for buttons
    • Text for buttons title
    • Font color for buttons
    • Border radius, width and color for buttons
    • Size and color for delete button
    • Width and color for divider
    • Text for empty cart
    • Font color for empty cart
    • Popup cart dialog
    • Product thumbnails size


If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support[at]festi.team

Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!


2.1.0 (February 25 2016)
* Added the functionality to select pages you want the cart to be displayed on
* Added filter on click for .festi-cart-product-delete link

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