Woocommerce - Click And Pick ( Local Pickup ) v1.9.3

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-click-and-pick-local-pickup-/10530941

Woocommerce – Click And Pick ( Local Pickup ) v1.9.3
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Hello, i would like to respond to your question anytime, but please note that i don’t have a full-time support for the plugin, so if you have question or request please bear with me and wait until i can reply … thanks for your consideration

Please make sure that your PHP version is greater than php5.4

Live Preview Credentials

Username: test , Password: test


This plugin allow the admin to specify the branches for the customers to pickup purchased products, the admin can specify the working hours, working days and urgent vacations . Also you can specify the time date picker for the front-end to match your website theme


  • Create branches working hours
  • Create branches working days
  • Add delay for picking up the item for a specific branch, Example, a client who sells prepared meals that his customers pick up each week. But they must order by wednesday at midnight if they want to pick up on monday, otherwise monday will not be available , so you add the delay for the order in hours and the user get notified in the checkout page that there is a delay in this branch for some hours, and when the store owner get email with the right time to prepare the shipment. ( please check the demo )
  • IMPORTANT : this option won’t allow you to add delay at the front-end of the checkout page, but it’s important for the store admin to get notified for the delay time and date
    example : if right now is 7am, June 06, then, the system won’t allow you to select any date or time before 7am, June 08 (48 hours after your order date ) but it will allow you choose anytime you added for this store, but the user will get notified for the time delay and store admin will get the right time for the order pickup in the email and orders page ( if you still confused please send to me a message )
  • Choose branch location on google map to let the users know where is your location ( so they can easily reach it )
  • Display branches in favorite order from the backend, and that would reflect on the front side of the website
  • Add branches vacations
  • Add notes for every branch
  • Light or dark theme for the date-time picker in the checkout page
  • Change the title front-end title in the checkout page
  • Add the pickup cost ( default is zero cost )
  • Click and pick details ( time and day ) in the order page
  • Pickup details in the sent emails ( billing emails )



Branches Back-end

Choose your branch location on google map

Branch location at the checkout page

General Settings


Order details

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