WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role v3.3

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WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role v3.3
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WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role v3.3 is a WooCommerce Extension, which give a option for Site Owner to Include or Exclude Products based on User Role. Now with 3.0 it will hide products site wide.

WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role v3.3 is Support All Product Types which is much more robust now with Version 3.0


  • Show/Hide any Products in WooCommerce Shop based on User Role
  • Include/Exclude any Products based on User Role
  • Product Selection in One Place for Different User Roles
  • Support All WooCommerce Product Types
  • Easy to Use and Much More . . .

NEW UPDATE Version 3.0 – 07th April 2016

Hi All Our Valuable Buyers! Kindly sorry for to make any inconvenience happen in the past due to this plugin(like no support). Kindly Apologies us We felt a lot due to this But from now on it should not happen why because within 24 hours we will get back to you as with solution through mail. As of now we support through email “codewoogeek@gmail.com”, Previously it was One Man Team to manage all those things and it is hard to manage solo wise also no time to exclusively support sorry guys, now we are two peoples so supporting the product or replying to your support ticket will be quite easy for us and you also.

Kindly upgrade the plugin 3.0 which we added the functionaltiy to hide products from site wide, there is no way that user role can buy the product from your woocommerce shop. Previous version will support only shop page but with 3.0 it will support site wide.

People who frustrated with this plugin as a final chance why don’t you provide as a last opportunity to show our best in this plugin?

FYI: We noted additional one more queries from people who were using more products in their site which causes the settings page to white screen we were working on this will update as a next version 3.1 in a couple of days(max).

Once again thanks for reading and thanks for an opportunity

If you like this product and keep want the plugin to update please rate us atleast 5 star * * * * * It will help us more.


Kindly People who felt with issues in this Plugin, do cross check yourself by switch back theme to default wordpress inbuilt theme to see where the problem arise? If still face some problem with default theme then contact us with more details, but it works with default not for your theme then it is not a bug looks like it has compatibility issue. Most Theme don’t have any issues, but some of them we can’t help to fix it up, in this case you can anytime request refund to envato by creating support ticket, because envato only handling the payment.


Version 3.3 on 22 April 2016
Fix: Fresh Install Hide all Products and Categories 

Version 3.2 on 10 April 2016
Fix: Hide all Products if left the hide field empty
Fix: 500 Internal Server Error on accessing settings page if more than 500+ products
Tweaks: Improved code to optimize the performance of searching product in backend

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