WP PRO Advertising System v4.7.0 - All In One Ad Manager

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WP PRO Advertising System v4.7.0 – All In One Ad Manager
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Manage your ads the easy way!

The “WP PRO Advertising System v4.7.0” WordPress Plugin allows you to manage advertisements on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to put ads on your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & adzones all in just a few seconds.

Beside adding normal banners this plugin allows you to create Corner Peel Ads, Popup Banners and you can even transform your post/page backgrounds into advertisements. It also tracks clicks, impressions & CTR to give you very clean and detailed statistics.

If you are looking for a simple, easy and very professional way to manage advertisements on your website this plugin is what you’re looking for!

Main reason for 5 stars? EVERYTHING. Incredibly flexibility and featured, all made extremely easy. I can’t imagine a better advertisement plugin. I am very thankful.

– marianogi

Best plugin ever for advertizing… buy it right now!!!

– stheoret

What a great ad manager, definitely the best one available! Look no further than this one. It’s easy, flexible and just about perfect! Rated 5 stars!

– xboydx

… hands down this is the BEST advertising system ever created for WordPress. …

– darnellsmith

Thank you for really great plugin! It works great and I use it extensively! you got 5 stars!

– miskostanisic

Great! Everything I needed and more! Good job!

– MarkusVisse

This is a easy to use plugin, with great documentation and even better customer service!

– cleolc

THANKS for your support… Highly recommended. I wish other developers on Code Canyon were as responsive as you.

– chrisparksaz

Really enjoying this plugin, everything is working well! Thanks Tunafish, five stars!

– ResonateTruth

I will look no further! The adzone system and the ease of use make this a pleasure to setup and manage! The mobile device support is seamless too! Easy manage on mobile devices makes this system stand out!

– SirHuxley

I spent months trying testing and trying to find a good advertising plugin that will meet my needs but couldn’t find any until I saw WP Pro Advertising and fell in love immediately. I recommend this plugin to anyone serious about advertising on their site

– Yourwealth

#1 Manage Advertisers

Creating a profile for each advertiser gives you a clean overview.

#2 Manage Campaigns

Create multiple advertising campaigns for each advertiser. this way you can combine multiple ads together.

#3 Manage Banners

You can choose between multiple options to add banners.

  1. Upload a banner from your computer or Link an external banner
  2. Paste HTML Code (adSense, iframes, HTML5, SVG, …)
  3. Optional: Using the “Visual Banner Creator” Add-On you can Visually create banners directly on your website.

#4 Manage Adzones

You can place adzones anywhere you want on your website. As soon as you link a banner to an adzone it will be visible on your site. Adzones can be any size. There are 4 ways to add adzones to your website.

  1. Template tag: a PHP function you can include into your template.
  2. Shortcode: a shortcode you can use inside your posts/pages.
  3. Widgets: Use the custom Pro Ads widget to show your ads in the sidebar or widget areas.
  4. Iframes: this option even allows you to take your ads outside of the main website. Now you can place your ads on every website you want but still control them from 1 admin panel!

#5 Track statistics

Keep a clean and detailed overview of how many impressions/clicks your ads get and calculate the CTR for every banner, adzone, campaign and advertiser. Its also possible to export statistics to PDF.
Beside the banner information the plugin also tracks specific user info for each click and impression. The following information gets saved:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Country
  • City
  • IP address

#6 Popup Advertisements

Open your Adzones as a Popup to track the user’s attention! Every popup can be customized differently. You can adjust the background color and the opacity of the popup background using the simple Shortcode Editor.

#7 Background Advertisements

Transform your background into an advertisement. Adzones can be loaded as background ads on any post/page. Every post/page can have a different advertising background.

#8 Shortcode Editor

One of the options to add banners to your website is by [shortcodes]. To make it even easier we included a Shortcode Editor that will create the shortcodes for you, exactly the way you want.

#9 Responsive Ads

Show ads on any device.

#10 MailChimp Ready

Add advertisements to your MailChimp Newsletters. All adzones have their own RSS feed which makes it possible to load your banners into MailChimp and display them in your newsletters.


Buy and Sell Ads – WooCommerce – Add-On

Sell your empty adzones directly from the frontend of your website using WooCommerce!
Make sure you check out the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell – WooCommerce” Add-On. This plugin adds more options to the WP Pro Advertising System. It allows you to sell ad spots on your website, let users upload their own banners and check their own banner statistics!

Buy and Sell Ads – Add-On

Sell your empty adzones directly from the frontend of your website!
Make sure you check out the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell” Add-On. This plugin adds more options to the WP Pro Advertising System. It allows you to sell ad spots on your website, let users upload their own banners and check their own banner statistics!

Visual Banner Creator Add-On

Create banners directly from your website!
Make sure you check out the “WP Pro Visual Banner Creator”. This plugin allows you to create banners directly from your website to use with the WP Pro Ad System!

WP Pro Geo Targeting

Show specific banners based on the users geo location using the “WP Pro Geo Targeting” plugin!

Pre Post Ads

Show advertisements before posts and pages. This add-on allows you to show an advertisement before the specific content becomes visible.

Layers – Add-On

The Advertising Layers WP – Add-On allows you to easily add advertisements to your Layers powered WordPress site.

localization files

This plugin uses localization files for translating the plugin to any language.

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V4.7.0 - June 21 - 2016
    - New/Improved Dashboard.
    - Added Asynchronous JS Tag for showing ads and faster page loads.

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