WP Template & Duplicate Posts v1.3.0

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WP Template & Duplicate Posts
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The WP Post Content Template is perfect for authors in WordPress. You can save an existing post as template or create a new one from scratch. Furthermore you can duplicate an existing post and you only need to change the parts. So you have a lot of time!

This plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.8!

Template contains all WordPress related contents

You create a Content template like a normal WordPress post. You can predefine every element of WordPress like:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Featured Image
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Fields
  • And the best of all: Create and use placeholders! Every placeholder will be replaced with the word you set on choosing the template

WP Post Content Template examples

Just a few examples how WP Post Content Template can help you:

  • If you have a football website, then you can set title, category and text with the predefined parameter. Instead of the teams, you use placeholders like “ TEAM_A ” and “ TEAM_B ”. Then choose your template and put in the correct name of TEAM_A ” and “ TEAM_B ” and your article is ready with title, category, text with the correct team names.
  • You have a food blog. Instead of creating everytime a table or start with empty custom fields, you can predefine all of the post contents like custom fields, category and so on

Compatible with other plugins

The WP Post Content Template Plugin is compatible with other plugins like:

  • ACF | Advanced Custom Fields: Choose your Meta Box and add this to our Template Custom Post Type. Then you can fill in all custom fields and if you create a post from this template, the custom fields of Advanced Custom Fields are already filled in
  • Custom Post Type (CPT) UI: Every template you create can be used in every custom post type you create, e.g. you create the custom post type “FAQ” with CPT UI, then you can create and use a template for this custom post type!
  • Visual Composer: Works with Visual Composer, too!

With the WP Post Content Template Plugin, you can save a lot of time! Instead of starting from zero, your post can already have the parameter you often use.

If you want to test the plugin, just use the following demo:

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