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Version 1.2.8 is a mixture of feature tweaks & maintenance… the full changelog can be found at:

Striking MultiFlex Ver 1.2.8 Release Thread.

Please note that this build Ver 1.2.8 is optimized for WP 4.5 but will work with older versions of WordPress. But we do not recommend using an older WordPress version as the WP ore has changed significantly in recent versions plus they have patched many security vulnerabilities.

Striking MultiFlex includes an easy “One Touch” demo content install function with the 2 different sets of demo content available for installation, as well as a complete custom Revolution Slider demo package!

The theme is available for updating from prior versions now by using our internal update settings contained within the theme. The full theme package is available by way of logging into your Envato account and going to your Downloads panel to obtain the latest build package.


Here is a very small sample of Striking MultiFlex Sites -> typically theme developers love to show off what they have built, but we feel it far more important to provide you examples of what you can build – some sites are from DIY’s and others by web professionals, with a wide variety of theme features in use, as well as many different plugins.  Some are blogs, others commercial sites or ecommerce, and others creative oriented – whatever the purpose, Striking MultiFlex can be used to create a smart looking professional site irrespective of your skill level:

To read the comments from real users, and see the plugins in use in each site (between the above sites there are over a 200 different plugins in use) please go to the following thread:

Striking Responsive User Feedback & Plugin Lists

on our support forum.


A familiar comment in many testimonials is the great Striking support.  The Striking Team was one of the Themeforest pioneers in creating a separate dedicated support forum for usage questions and gathering of Striking users for trading customization ideas.  Our support ethic is so good that it has been written up in 3rd party blog sites that discuss WP themes as a model of how to conduct support properly (Striking has itself received many positive independent reviews since its introduction in 2010).

Questions are answered daily on the Striking forum by our support team members.  The support forum also has thousands of custom code snippets posted with solutions for almost any customization situation you are likely to encounter.  Its the perfect place for a newbie to get their feet wet on customizing, and experts to find unusual solutions for that tweak they desire.

Please register on the support forum using your Themeforest name. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT PROVIDE support here in the Striking comments thread – that is only for prospective purchaser questions and all other questions will be redirected to the support forum found at this link:

Also Follow me on Twitter to get theme updates and more…


Striking MulitFlex is an extremely powerful and flexible wordpress theme featuring a heavy duty framework that can scale for large sites and web requirements. It features true WP Multisite capability, is a WPML approved theme, and features customization for Woo Commerce plugin integration. 18,500+ Themeforest purchasers tell us it is the most feature laden and customizable theme they have ever used.  We invite you to view the demo, to see for yourself why it is the best solution to your web design needs.

Striking is a true multipurpose theme, and can be used for site types ranging from photography to gaming, automotive and real estate, blog, portfolio, ecommercie and colleges and universities for their websites! The theme is highly flexible, and endlessly customizable.

You will not find a more comprehensive admin interface – easy enough for a beginner to grasp immediately but with every design element of Striking fully controllable so that if you are an experienced designer you can manipulate the design in any manner you see fit – and Striking includes a child theme layout for the WP design professionals.  If you are a raw beginner, but see a code snippet on the support forum or elsewhere on the net that you want to test out, the admin panels include custom CSS and Javascript (JS) fields where you can place such code to manipulate the theme styles without having to hardcode theme files.

MultiFlex represents a 100% overhaul of the original Striking to a responsive theme. The list of new features is extremely extensive but here are some highlights:

Added: Dedicated Woo Customization including:
– Extensive restyling the Woo shop and single product pages into a new more modern appearence by custom code
– Replacing the woo image scripts with the Striking Image scripts (resize and lightbox)
– Adding Image Hover Effects to thumbnails appearing on the catalog page
– Creating a new theme master CSS alternate for when Woo is activated to avoid conflict with the Woo CSS
– Added RTL support for Woo
– A dedicate Woo Administration admin tab in the theme admin panels containing woo specific administration settings (layouts, feature headers, breadcrumbs, colors, default sidebars, etc)
– Coding enabling parsing of custom breadcrumb functions from WP SEO onto Woo pages.

Added: General Ecommerce Support applicable to most custom post type based ecommerce plugins (such as Woo, WP-Ecommerce and Easy Digital Downloads), and also applicable to other custom post type plugins such as NextGen and Image Store:

– Custom Product Carousel which displays single product items.
– Ability to customize the appearence of any catalogue/shop or single product page for layout, colors, feature header (which has unlimited variations incl slideshow, images, custom html content, and more), background, and body content, etc (about 30 settings) by way of the Page General Options Metabox which is filtered into the catalog and single product edit panels generated by the plugins.
– Ability to assign a custom sidebar to plugin custom post page types, custom post archive type pages, and custom post type taxonomy pages.
– Ability to exclude from website search results the CPT, its media, or taxonomies.
– An admin tab enabling setting Custom Post Type Archive Featured Header Titles and Text (which supports html and theme shortcodes) for plugin archive types generated
– An admin tab enabling setting Custom Taxonomy Featured Header Titles and Text (which supports html and theme shortcodes) for plugin taxonomies generated

Revised: Completely updated the Administration interface, with thoroughly reworked settings, and help dialogs
Added: Integrated Revolution Slider Plugin $19 Premium Value
Added: Responive KenBurner Slider (also shortcoded) $10 Premium Value
Added: Unleash Accordion Slider $8 Premium Value
Added: Fotorama Slider – (also shortcoded)
Added: Roundabout Slider
Added: Carousel Slider for images, blog posts and portfolio posts (featured images of posts in categories)
Added: Page Design Settings Tab with 12 settings for page level appearence customization to the Page Options Metabox, including custom background per page.
Added: Mobile viewport logo uploader setting (General Panel)
Added: Apple Touch Favicon Settings (4 settings) (General Panel)
Added: Sticky Header and Sticky Sidebar settings (General Panel)
Added: Many new navigation settings for subtitles, icons, link support
Added: Header control for responsive viewports options group (Advanced Panel)
Added: 39 backgrounds for Boxed Mode (Background Panel
Added: Almost Flat Design option (Color Panel)
Added: Font Awesome integration (Ver 4.x) – own shortcode plus integration into many other shortcodes such as Navigation, Buttons, Styled boxes, Tabs, Accordions, Toggles, etc.
Revised: portfolio options to 8 portfolio types with mobile fallbacks
Added: Masonry Shortcode
Added: Testimonial Slider
Added: “One Touch” installable demo content
Added: FancyBox for lightbox (colorbox script removed)
Added: Twitter Widget
Added: Portfolio Images Slider Widget
Added: 404 Page Customization Settings Group (Advanced Panel)
Added: Site Search Options (Advanced Panel)
Added: Responsive Text Shortcode
Added: Advanced Divider Line Shortcode
Added: 4 new Styled Box shortcodes incl Content Box, Slogan, Icon Box, Process Steps
Added: 3 new Advanced Shortcodes: Milestones, Progress and Pie Progress
Added: CSS and JS files optimized and minimized by default for page loading.
Added: Events Calendar Plugin Compatibility
Added: Codecanyon DZS Timeline Slider Compatibility
Added: Post Category Filters
Added: BuddyPress Plugin Compatibility
Added: Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Compatibility (fixed conflict with custom post types).

A more comprehensive list of additions and fixes can be found at .

The theme is extremely plugin friendly and a partial list of compatible plugins can be found at:

Theme updates

Striking has had over 70 updates for feature additions and wordpress core matching since inception in 2010.  When WP updates, Striking updates.  No worrying about buying a theme that gets abandoned or left behind after 6 months.  We listen to theme feedback and where practical and feasible have added many customer requested features.

Striking MultiFlex Versions 1.2.3, September 10, 2015

This update is maintenance focused updating the Rev Slider to the new Series 5.0.7 build, updating to the latest mobile device detect script and other misc tweaks and fixes:

  • Updated: Revslider Updated to version 5.0.7
  • Updated: Mobile Device Detect Script to new version 2.8.15
  • Changed: A small change to property type for hatom in breadcrumbs function.
  • Changed:Adding an escape for search replacing actionable php/html properties with text
Striking MultiFlex Versions 1.2.3, August 31, 2015

This update is maintenance focused focusing on addressing the change in the wp widget constructor, updating the Rev Slider to the new Series 5 build, updating Font Awesome to Ver 4.4.0 and other misc tweaks and fixes:

  • Updated: Revslider Updated to version 5.0.5
  • Updated: Font Awesome to version 4.4.0 adding approx 100 new icons and new pulse ability
  • Updated: mediaelements javascripts to version 2.18.1
  • Updated: Various language files for comment change.
  • Changed: All widget source php files for the change to the php construct WP_widget, which has been deprecated in WP 4.3 in preparation for php 7 series.
  • Changed: tweak for Event Expresso 4 Decaf plugin compatibility
  • Changed: autosave function in our custom post types if wpml active (as wpml has a bug if a theme deregisters autosave on posts while editing)
  • Improved: .inner width to 95% for viewports under 767px
  • Improved: change in responsive css for long vertical tab titles in under 567 viewport
  • Fixed: In comments.php correction for translation string for “one response to” , and “multiple responses to”, comments
  • Fixed: Subtle Pattern Backgrounds for Boxed Mode not working
  • Fixed: Single Blog Post / Featured Header Default Type setting not working correctly if set to use Static Blog Page settings
Prior Updates for 2014-2015

Please visit the support forum category on Update. Over time hundreds of new features and tweaks have been introduced to the theme:

Striking MultiFlex Releases


OpenSource Projects



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