wp Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition v2.3.7 – With our WooCommerce Deals Extension you can now create an unlimited number of Deals, Daily Deals, and Special Offers using the products you have listed in your WooCommerce powered store on your WordPress blog. This Plugin works with any WooCommerce compatible Theme, making it the only Extension for WooCommerce of its kind.

wp Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition v2.3.7
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Deals Engine

Deals Engine – WooCommerce Edition now supports the use of the WooCommerce Pdf Vouchers so that you can allow customers to add a value for their voucher to be redeemed with the new price field. Vouchers still cannot be redeemed as coupons for the online store, but can be used in person for the value entered at purchase, just like vouchers for which you set the amount. Turn your downloadable vouchers into physical gift certificates for redemption in person!

We work very hard to make the best most stable product. But we understand that sometimes there are conflicts on a site or isp does not support SOAP or cron jobs. We always honor our 30 day return policy and most are done same day always within 24 hours. Simply drop us an email to our support group:

We would ask that you give us a chance to resolve any issues that you have with the software. We have thousands of customers and have seen most issues can be resolved quickly.

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We love to hear from customers or prospective ones. All support or presales questions should go to our helpdesk where they can be tracked and monitored. Just send an email to:

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